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Version actuelle : 2.5
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Nécessite Android : 2.5
CATÉGORIE : Musique et audio
Installations : Entre 5 000 et 10 000
Taille : 201k
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Google play : Discogs Scan


Have a huge collection, but no idea what's in there? Organize it on

Discogs Scan is an app that allows you to quickly scan the barcodes of all the CDs and records in your collection. It can then upload that collection to your account.

Even if you only want to add 10 items, it will save you time.

For true speed: use the "endless" mode, available from the preferences screen. Use the back button to quit scanning in that mode.

You can pick your own barcode scanner. We suggest either Barcode Scanner for simplicity or Google Goggles if you need the flash for low-light situations. Both are freely available in the Play store.

This is not pre-installed, so you may need to download that first.

You can manually enter the barcode if, for some reason, it isn't possible to scan it.

If the barcode for a release is not found on the site, you can manually search for that release through an easy interface.

Note: Due to a bug in the API, the login procedure is a little messy and cumbersome. You may need to scroll to the right to see the login box. If you have an older device, loading the pages may be slow. The people at Discogs are aware of this fact and are fixing their mobile-friendly layout. This app will be updated as soon as it is available. This procedure needs to be done only once, so it's not a major problem.

This app is free to download and use but is ad supported.

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Screenshots  Discogs Scan
Screenshots  Discogs Scan
Screenshots  Discogs Scan
Screenshots  Discogs Scan
Screenshots  Discogs Scan
Screenshots  Discogs Scan
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